3D Printing

NextGen Integrated Systems (NIS) provides engineering-driven system solutions for various industrial and research applications. One of the main capabilities we offer is 3D printing, which has become an essential tool in the manufacturing industry. 

We are committed to delivering customized 3D printing solutions that meet our client's unique needs. Whether you require a single part or a low-volume production run - our industrial-grade additive manufacturing capabilities allow us to deliver fast turnaround times and high-quality results every time.

We have a considerable edge when creating complex components for various applications, as our 3D printers can create sophisticated shapes that are impossible to achieve using conventional techniques.

Making Use of High-Performance Polymers to Produce Functional Parts

The strength and durability of a 3D printed project largely depend on the material used, which is why we use high-performance polymers to 3D print premium components. 

We use high-performance polymers including Nylon, ABS, PC/ABS blends, PEEK (polyether ether ketone), PEI (Ultem), and others to create functional parts. For industrial applications, these materials offer superior mechanical strength, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and dimensional stability.

Our Premium 3DGence Polymer Printing Equipment

To ensure that we can offer cutting-edge 3D printing services to our clients consistently, NextGen Integrated Systems invests in the best equipment available on the market – namely 3DGence polymer printers. 

These printers are renowned worldwide for their accuracy and reliability when producing materials at a large scale without compromising on quality.

Leverage Our 3D Printing Capabilities For Your Business

At NextGen Integrated Systems (NIS), we pride ourselves on being able to support our client's needs by providing top-notch engineering-driven system solutions across multiple industries, such as hydrogen fuel cells, biofuels, or natural gas processing facilities. 

Contact us today to learn more about how NIS can help take your project to the next level with our 3D printing services.